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  • TKO  –                                                          August 16-17

  • 58K Fall Trial –                                       October 4-5

  • Women’s Only Trials Class –     October 18-19

  • Women’s Only Downhill Mtn Biking Class –                                                                                   October 18-19

  • Start of CTC Winter Series –        November

  • Winter Series Event/Toy Ride – December


STRA in Ringgold, GA

Alex Neiderer 5-18-2014 (Amazing photo by Michael McNair)

What a great weekend! I know a lot of you were wanting a copy of the results from the STRA Mototrials Event at the Chert Pit in Ringgold, GA. It good to see so many of you there honoring the memory of Mark Moon! Alex Niederer won both days in the Champ/Pro class. Kris Gilreath took away the win on Day 2, riding with Mark’s number on his bike.

Kris Gilreath 5-18-2014

Gary Holbert, Alex Niederer, and Tom McNeal were the overall top riders for the weekend (pictured below).

Gary Holbert, Alex Niederer, Tom McNeal
Gary Holbert, Alex Niederer, and Tom McNeal 5-18-2014

What a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. Hope everyone makes it home safely!

Day 1 Results Ringgold

Day 2 Results Ringgold

Next Event: Rounds 7&8 at Ringgold, GA (MARK MOON MEMORIAL TRIAL)

Join us for yet another great event, at a Beautiful Venue! STRA rounds 7 & 8 are in Ringgold, GA at the Churt Pitt on May 17/18!!! Going to be an awesome event with PRO, EXPERT & ADVANCED PAY OUT!!! There will also be a Youth Event on Saturday afternoon!  3 Skill Levels available.So don’t miss out on your chance to walk away with cash in hand.  

Check out the flyer for more information.  Ringgold Flyer 2014

Team Moon

Team Moon

With saddened hearts, we said farewell to the nicest, most amazing and inspirational man we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. What a beautiful service. Mark Moon had to have been smiling down on “Team Moon” from heaven. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Ride for Mark… Team Moon

The service for Mark Moon was a beautiful one! Many of Mark’s friends and loved ones were in attendance. There were many Southeastern Trials Riders Association members present. Among those were STRA Vice President – Charlie Roberts, STRA Secretary Treasurer – Darrell Davis, STRA Youth Director – Tripp Almon, STRA Competition Director – Griff Shirley, and many STRA Members including: Randy Sharp, Reggie Winkle, Kris Gilbreath, Tim Cash, Sonny Roberts and Sam McNair  all of which were either pallbearers or honorary pallbearers.

The Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers

Mark Moon was such an inspiration to all who knew him and will be greatly missed!


Mark Moon 4-13-2014

Photo’s From Lenoir City

Thanks to all the folks that came out to join for STRA Rounds 5&6  at Papa Joe’s Place in Lenoir City over the weekend.

It was a great event, with beautiful weather, and some great people!

Thanks to Papa Joe and Mrs. Bonnie for having us there, they are phenomenal hosts!

Also thanks to Aaron Thistle for these great photos from the event!

You can view them by checking out this link.

Trackrock Report


STRA Rounds 3 & 4

Trackrock Campgrounds, Blairsville, GA

March 22 & 23. 2014

By Jamie Gourley

The season got off to a great start in Florida at Fun in the Sun, but for those of us who could not attend, the season kicked off at Frank’s place in beautiful Blairsville Georgia.  It is a tradition that the Spring always includes Trackrock and I love riding there.  We were blessed with some wonderful riding weather and the sections were spot on with nothing too scary but plenty of technical stuff.  We rode the first day with regular split scoring but on Sunday rode peer scoring and so that was a little different but the weather turned out to be perfect and everyone was having a good old time.

The Champ class was literally a one man show with Aaron Thistle from Georgia making the difficult stuff look easy riding his Sherco.   Champ regular Alan Shirley is on the DL and hopefully will be back in the saddle soon.  Expert had some close competition with Tim Cash from Tennessee on his Gas Gas winning on Saturday over a close Garry Hoover in second and Eric Mattson in third.  On Sunday Mike Helstrom from Georgia came out of retirement and showed he can still ride that old Montessa topping Garry in second again and Tim in third.  The Advanced class saw some very low scores Saturday with Randy Sharp from Tennessee riding his Gasser to victory with one point for the day over Gary Holbert with a very close two.  On Sunday things were different and Vaughn Cady from Georgia was in the top spot aboard a brand new Gasser over Sam Curlee in second and Randy in third and there were no clean loops so it must have been a lot harder.

In the Advanced Sportsman it was Frank Schoenbeck from Georgia who won Saturday riding his very cool Scorpa .  On Sunday it was Dexter Darnell who got the top spot with a great ride on his Beta and it was his first time in the class.  Sportsman was again the largest class of the weekend and it was Michael McNair from Tennessee who was the man both days beating Larry Smith in second both days with Griff Shirley in third on Saturday and Sam McNair on Sunday.  Intermediate was also very close on the scores and on Saturday Mark Moon from Tennessee rode his Gas Gas to the top spot with Eric Eberius in second and Steve Green in third.  On Sunday the scores for the top three were twenty-four, twenty-five, and twenty-six and so things were very tight in the sections.  Steve Green had a great two point loop and that made the difference putting him on the top spot with Kris Gilreath in second and Mark in third.  Great rides by all three!  Novice was won by Dillon Darnell on Saturday over Adam Crowley in second and Matthew Carr in third.  We had some great Vintage action as well with Steve Glinski, Tracy Martin and Bill Long all winning Saturday and Woods Huff and Louis Qualtieri winning Sunday.  Thanks to Frank for again hosting an awesome event and also to Ashley and Dawn for running all the signup and everyone else who made the whole weekend simply wonderful.  I hope we will all meet back here again next year and I will see you in the sections.

Trackrock report 2014

STRA 40th Anniversary Trials, Rounds 11 & 12

40th ann. event 2013 069November 2 & 3

This year marks the 40th anniversary for the Southeastern Trials Riders Association and to celebrate we returned to the location of the original event held way back in 1973, well almost. The actual original location was Mt. Airy which is just up the road a few miles from Cornelia and we could not get clearance to use the land but one of the original participants Henry Simmons stepped up and volunteered Henry’s Hills as the substitute location. We have had events at Henry’s for the last fifteen or so seasons and so it served as a perfect substitute and with some quick organization by Charlie Roberts and a few other dedicated members the event was a great success. Continue reading STRA 40th Anniversary Trials, Rounds 11 & 12

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