The Executive Board and Competition Director have reviewed the performance of STRA riders for 2018 season in order to present the Most Improved Rider Award at the 2018 Championship Series Banquet on February 23rd, 2019.  We tried to select five riders for the ballot, but were unable to do so because the pool was too deep.  

STRA members please review all SEVEN candidate’s accomplishments listed in alphabetical order and cast your vote at the bottom of this page.  VOTING ENDS DECEMBER 26th, 2018.

Dallas Pierce – Dallas returned to STRA trials this year starting in the Sportsman class for two events in which he placed second and ninth.  After rekindling his turning and hopping skills, he rode eight more events in the Advanced class.  He completed the year fourth overall in the Championship, highlighted by three first place finishes (including a double win at the Mark Moon Ride on his new Gas Gas).

Doug Raney – In his first year riding trials Doug placed fifth in the 2017 Championship in the Intermediate Class, in part due to two first place finishes.  This year he dominated the same class, claiming first in the Championship with seven wins.  Doug tried his skill at the last event of the year moving up to the Sportsman line where he captured a third place finish.  Doug attended every STRA event of the 2018 season except for Fun-in-the-Sun.

Jay Estes- In 2017, Jay’s second year of riding trials, he rode eight STRA events.   At year end he had three wins and four second place finishes, enabling him to edge out Brian Fore for the class champion by five points.  In 2018 Jay took no mercy. He moved up to the Sportsman class and finished on the podium in eleven of the twelve events in which he competed.  Consistency seems to be one of Jay’s strengths.  It was this consistency in 2018 that earned him the Championship with Kenny Haynes coming in 22 points behind.

Kyle Spudic – Kyle rode six events in 2017 in the Advanced Sportsman and Advanced Class.  He finished the year with a podium at the last day of the Mark Moon Ride.  This year he rode seven events, competing in the Advanced class and then moving up to the Expert line for his last four competitions.  Kyle rode fearlessly in the sections and was undaunted when it came to trying new skills.  He does seem to leave his best for last however, because he again scored his highest mark for the season during the final event of the year at the Mark Moon Ride, earning a podium in the Expert class.

Matt Stancil- In 2017 Matt started the season in the Advanced class and then moved to Expert.  At the end of the year he finished a distant third behind Mattie and Garry Hoover.  This year Matt was a true contender riding the Expert line.  Competing in eleven events, he finished the year in strong second to Nathan Glinski.

Sherman Smith II (Father) – The elder Sherman completed one trial in the Novice Class in 2017, finishing third.  This year he started in the Intermediate class and had three wins.  Despite his strong presence on the podium he was inconsistent, finishing in fourth, sixth and eighth place during other events.  Sherman II began to find consistency in his results when he skipped a class and moved to Advanced Sportsman midway through the year.  Here he attained two thirds and two fourth place finishes in the four events in which he competed.  Sherman was also consistent with his attendance to STRA trials this year, competing in ten of the fourteen events.

Sherman Smith III (Son) – The younger Sherman rode relentlessly in 2018. He began trials in the Novice class in 2017, finishing the year with two seconds.  This year, in addition to his dominate rides in the youth events, he was a force to be reckoned with in the adult Intermediate class.  Sherman III finished the year in third place overall.   Along the way he claimed three second place finishes, each time finishing off the top step behind riders at least four times his age, including his dad!


Please cast your vote for the most improved rider of 2018!

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