Fun in the Sun Registration

Florida Trials Association



The STRA has worked with the Florida Trials Association to provide online signup for the Fun in the Sun event to be held
March 5/6, 2022 at the Croom Motorcycle Area. The link for the  signup is on the Florida Trials Association Events Schedule.

A Florida OHV pass is required for all motorcycles for this location.  Please visit the Florida State Forests website here and choose either “Croom Motorcycle Area – Day Use fee” for a one day pass (x2), or “Croom Motorcycle – Annual Use Pass” for a prorated annual pass.

Camping: If you will be camping at Croom, please visit the Florida State Forests website here to select a campsite at the onsite Buttgenbach Campground at Croom Motorcycle Area.

One of the sign up boxes on the Registration page is specifically for the STRA.

Fun in the Sun Online Registration

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