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STRA 40th Anniversary Trials, Rounds 11 & 12

40th ann. event 2013 069November 2 & 3

This year marks the 40th anniversary for the Southeastern Trials Riders Association and to celebrate we returned to the location of the original event held way back in 1973, well almost. The actual original location was Mt. Airy which is just up the road a few miles from Cornelia and we could not get clearance to use the land but one of the original participants Henry Simmons stepped up and volunteered Henry’s Hills as the substitute location. We have had events at Henry’s for the last fifteen or so seasons and so it served as a perfect substitute and with some quick organization by Charlie Roberts and a few other dedicated members the event was a great success. Continue reading STRA 40th Anniversary Trials, Rounds 11 & 12

The 58K Report: STRA Rounds 9 & 10

The 58K, Sequatchie, TN – October 5 & 6, 2013

TTC 022It has been an amazing twenty-one years since that first 58K and boy have things changed since then. At that time the Trials Training Center was nothing but a field in the middle of a valley and many of us were wondering if this “trials heaven” was really all that. But Tony Bussing was right as usual and the TTC is now truly a world class facility for all motorcycles, just ask Adam Raga. We have several club events there every year and I always know that Summer is over when the 58K rolls around and once again Charlie Roberts and the entire staff of the TTC put on a great event. If you wonder why it is called 58K well that was the price of this trials wonderland when Tony purchased the property all those years ago. We have many new members in the STRA this year thanks to the efforts of people like Mark Moon getting the word out and so for many this was the first time to ride this event and it is an exciting time for the STRA. Continue reading The 58K Report: STRA Rounds 9 & 10