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Vice Presidents Announcement – May 2018

As the identified Organizer and TrialsMaster I wanted to update everyone on the status of the National level NATC Moto Trials event coming up at the Trials Training Center on June 9-10, 2018.   The STRA is the host club for this event, and at several of our STRA events I have pleaded for volunteers to help us get set up.   I want to thank those of you that have stepped up and donated your precious time, travelled hours and hours, and come to the TTC to help us get ready.   I can proudly report that at this point we have successfully identified all 24 sections needed for the event, they have been cleared of all debris, weed whacked, marked with perimeter ribbon, and all the splits have been labelled!   Without the hard work of all the volunteers we wouldn’t be on schedule.  Thank you!

At this point we are still looking for several more volunteers for the two days of the actual event.   Most importantly are checkers/observers.  We need 36 checkers each day.  If you volunteer to check, you will receive free admittance to the event, and free primitive camping. As a checker, lunch will be provided and you will get a special T-shirt identifying you as a volunteer.  When you volunteer as an observer, please take the time to review the official observer video issued by the NATC, located at . This is a must.  You MUST watch and completely understand the scoring in the video.

I also need a few volunteers for other duties during the event itself, so if you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated.   Please email me at and provide your contact info.

2017 Vice Presidents Announcement – JUNE

Another STRA event has come and gone, and it was another successful event! The Spring Splash (emphasis on ‘Splash’) was held at the Trials Training Centre with over 60 riders Saturday and over 50 on Sunday, with 29 people taking advantage of the online pre-registration.

Charlie Roberts out did himself again setting up the sections.  As Trials riders we all dream about competing in events like the Scottish Six Days, and Charlie hoped that several of us would be able to cross that off of our bucket list after riding the Spring Splash, which had water in pretty much every section.  From a safety perspective we probably should have posted a “No Lifeguard on Duty” sign at several of the sections, but a few members decided to go for a swim regardless.

This coming weekend, June 3rd, is the “team trial”  fundraiser event at the Chirt Pit in Ringgold, GA.  Alan is creating this fundraising event to support our STRA riders (Maddie Hoover, Alex and Andres Niederer)  who will be participating in the World Round in Arizona in July.  This will be a really fun event fostering camaraderie and skill development for all.  Riders will be grouped in a team of three, with one rider from a lower, mid, and upper skill level on one team.

The flyer is posted on the schedule, and pre-registration is also open for this event.   If you can’t make it, but would like to support these members and your STRA club, there is a provision for that on the pre-registration page as well.

I hope to see you all there!