Hello all,

I wanted to provide an update since starting the transition into the president’s role.  To date, I’ve been primarily been learning how things work.  A big thanks to Ray, Dawn, Kim, Francois, Douglas, Randy and Juney for their help.  I don’t anticipate making any drastic changes but just some little tweaks here and there to enhance communications and organization.

In early January, the website will be updated to accept 2021 memberships.  There has been some discussion of a permanent or season long rider number for use with the clipboard scoring.  We believe we have a way to make that happen with minimal impact on the riders, checkers, and scorers.  We’ll announce that when we open up the website for 2021 memberships.   The clipboard scoring was implemented in response to the pandemic, and will continue into the 2021 season.  I’m hopeful that conditions will permit a return to scorecard scoring sometime in 2021.

Our first club event for 2021 is the 2020 Awards Banquets and Fun Trial.  This year it will be held at The Alan Shirley International Pavilion and Recreational Sports Complex, Main Ballroom, 100 Pierce Drive, Ringgold, GA (credit to Francois for coining the name).  The banquet will be on February 20, 2021 and the fun trial the following day.

The first trials event of the season will be Fun In the Sun with the Florida Trials Association on March 6-7 at the Hardrock Offroad Park in Ocala, Florida.  Ray has been working with the other trials masters to establish the rest of the 2021 schedule.  We will publish that in January.

As we close out a year unlike any other, I hope you all have an opportunity to spend time with friends and family over the Christmas and New Years Holidays.

Take care,


Season Results are in

Hello STRA folks,

If you are interested in seeing what the leadership of the STRA thinks the Season points look like, head over to the Results Page and have a look.  It is remotely conceivable there might be some discrepancies between what you think happened, what actually happened and what we recorded happening.   This was not out of malice towards you, most likely a simple mistake, so please approach us with an appropriate attitude and we will do our best to uncover what actually happened.  The competition director can be contacted here:    Dawn Shirley 423-593-1134     CompetitionDirector@stratrials.com

We are currently working on the schedule.  I would encourage the promoters who spoke up at the annual meeting to contact Ray Peters at your convenience before December 18th to get locked into your desired dates.

At the annual meeting, we elected our 2021 officers and here’s how that turned out;

President: Mike Dalmaso

Vise President: Ray Peters

Media Director / Web Site: Francois Saint Laurent

Secretary / Treasurer: Kim Bronstein

Competition Director: Dawn Shirley

Youth Director: Randy Sharp

Membership Director: Juney Shober

Sporting Director: Eric Mattson — Subject to confirmation by the executive board

We are also transitioning the executive board to 2021 and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank Mike Dalmaso for stepping up to the plate.  He will be writing his own message soon so keep a watch out for that.

I think I’m out of useful things to share for now, keep practicing and have a Merry Christmas.  See everyone in the New Year.


ps you’ve read this far, dedication is important.  We are looking for a couple of volunteers to assist with the Year end awards.  Please contact Ray Peters for all the details.