President’s Announcement – Parting Words for 2019

The Championship standings are complete, the Most Improved Rider ballots have been counted, the Best Event of the Year has been determined, the 2019 Awards Banquet has been scheduled for February 22rd and a Fun Trial at the TTC the following day has been confirmed.  The 2020 Rule Book has been updated and the 2020 schedule is set.  That about concludes my administrative and scheduling duties for the year as the Association’s President.   This post will be my last “President’s Announcement” on our website.

The annual STRA business meeting held on November 5th included a review of the season in regard to participation, a summary of the recently held NATC meeting and the proposed 2020 STRA event schedule.   The meeting also saw rule changes for the 2020 season voted in by attendees.  These changes addressed riders changing classes and the delegation of Championship points; the ability to remove a hand from the handle bar when a foot is on the ground; promoter leeway to alter event start times; and various other small modifications to existing rules in the attempt to make them more accurate and succinct.

The most essential part of the meeting however, was the election of officers for the coming year.  At first there was a lack of volunteers to take over the Youth Director and President positions for 2020 when Curt Comer and I resigned.  After discussion amongst the forty plus attendees, a plan was developed to help the association continue.  Current officers other than the two noted above will remain in their current posts with the exception of Francois Saint Laurent, who will move from the Vice President role to a Media Coordinator role.  Ray Peters will step into the President’s role and Alex Niederer will become the Vice President.  A shout out goes to Kim Bronstein who stepped up and volunteered her services to be Secretary/Treasurer, a position that has been vacant for the past two years.  Nick Smith and Alan Shirley also volunteered support to aid Ray and Alex throughout the season so don’t be surprised to see them running the show when the President and Vice President are unable to attend STRA events due to National and Pro trial commitments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2020 STRA Officers                                                                                                           President                              Ray Peters                                                                             Vice President                   Alex Niederer                                                                     Secretary/Treasurer      Kim Bronstein                                                                   Administrative Aids       Nick Smith and Alan Shirley                                     Competition Director    Dawn Shirleyto be assisted by                                                                                   volunteers in exchange for event work                                                                          credit                                                                                       Media Coordinator           Francois Saint Laurent                                               Sporting Steward               Eric Mattson                                                                     Youth Director                     Vacantduties are to be carried out                                                                             by the promotor and volunteers for                                                                                 work credit

A stop gap plan to continue the youth program was proposed and will be developed as the season approaches.  The plan is to have each event promotor set up youth sections and have events scored by STRA volunteers in exchange for work credit.  The idea of exchanging labor for work credit was also extended to assist with rider check-in and pre-event operations under the direction of Dawn Shirley.

As I sign off as President I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity and the support over the past three years.  Together we accomplished a lot and implemented many new ideas to expand our sport, improve rider participation and heighten the STRA experience.

It is often said that reluctant leaders make the best leaders.  I have no doubt that this association will continue to develop and prosper under Ray’s direction and with the talented support of the other officers.  A heart felt thank you for everyone for stepping up and continuing to lead the Southeastern Trials Association, truly making it a premier trials association.

I hope to see you at the 2019 Awards Banquet on February 22nd and the pre-season Fun Trail on the 23rd.  We have some special things planned to officially end the 2019 season and to welcome our new officers for 2020.