2021 Awards Banquet & Fun Trial

Our banquet to celebrate the 2021 Championship Season is soon approaching.  It will be held February 19th at the chirt pit in Ringgold, GA with the traditional fun trial the following day.  See flyer below for details.


Online signup for the fun trial is now open below.

Sign up for the Fun Trial HERE

In order to get an accurate headcount for the banquet, please RSVP by completing the following poll OR via e-mail: info@stratrials.com

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Will You Be Attending the 2021 Awards Banquet at the Alan Shirley Pavillion on February 19?
Will You Be Attending the 2021 Awards Banquet at the Alan Shirley Pavillion on February 19?
Will You Be Attending the 2021 Awards Banquet at the Alan Shirley Pavillion on February 19?

In addition to the championship awards, there are two awards that are voted on by the membership; most improved rider, and event of the year.  Be sure to vote by February 11.

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2021 Most Improved Rider
2021 Most Improved Rider
2021 Most Improved Rider


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2021 Event of the Year
2021 Event of the Year
2021 Event of the Year

National Work Weekend

Our first full work weekend for the TTC national will be this coming weekend (Jan 15-16).  After the toy trial in December, we got a good start on identifying section locations, but will continue that effort this weekend and start clearing sections.

We have enough chainsaws so won’t need any more but bring loppers and/or battery powered branch trimmers if you have them.

See you this weekend!

Happy Holidays!

Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is able to spend time with family and friends over the next couple of weeks.  If you’re able to get a little riding in too, all the better!

I have incorporated rule changes approved by the membership at the business meeting and posted to rules for 2022 to the Riding Rules section of the website.

After the toy trial at TTC we spent some time the following day to scout some section locations for the national.  We’ve identified some good section areas that haven’t been used in a while (if ever).  We will have a work weekend on January 15-16 (and 17 if that is a holiday for you) to start the work of clearing out sections.  A couple of us will be bringing chainsaws and limb loppers.  Come on out and pitch in!


2021 Championship Season Results

The 2021 season championship results are in and have been added to the results page, or take a look at them at the link below.

Congratulations to the podium place finishers, as well as all of the competitors in 2021.


  1. Alexander Niederer
  2. Alan Shirley


  1. Ray Peters
  2. Blake Bronstein
  3. Mika Lonsdale


  1. Dallas Pierce
  2. Tim Cone
  3. Kris Gilreath

Advanced Sportsman

  1. Sherman Smith III
  2. Sherman Smith II
  3. Dan Green


  1. Talon Smith
  2. Ben Eudy
  3. David Barber

Vintage Sportsman

  1. Gary Holber
  2. Randy Sharp


  1. Damon Sexton
  2. Tommy Justice
  3. Dylan Green

Vintage Intermediate

  1. Greg Coley
  2. Tracy Martin


  1. Bradley Evans
  2. SaraBeth Smith
  3. Jason Campbell

Vintage Novice

  1. Jimmy Sharpe
  2. John Montoya

At least four sets of eyes have reviewed them so we believe everything is correct.  However it is remotely conceivable there might be some discrepancies between what you think happened, what actually happened and what we recorded happening.   This was not out of malice towards you, most likely a simple mistake, so please approach us with an appropriate attitude and we will do our best to uncover what actually happened.  The competition director can be contacted here:    Dawn Shirley 423-593-1134     CompetitionDirector@stratrials.com


Registration for the Mark Moon Memorial Trial on October 30-31 in Ringgold, GA is now open! Please note the start time on Saturday has been changed to 10:00 AM. Check in that day will start at 7:00. If you will be joining us for the business meeting please complete the poll when registering so we can get an accurate headcount. Registration will be open until 8:00 pm on October 28.

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